Where Do You Sleep at Camp?

One of my biggest questions and concerns before I started my first year was about the cabins I would be staying in. I really had no idea beyond the descriptive terms used by the Camp America website of ‘rustic’ and ‘traditional’ cabins. I was imagining a combination of something like the Grandma’s house from ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’ fairytale or some kind of military style boot camp with rows of bunk beds.

When I arrived at my camp for the first time, I was actually surprised by how close my imagined cabin was to the reality. Some of the cabins are over 100 years old and were originally part of a hunting lodge, although there are some much newer cabins, the cabins are beautiful buildings and some look like they really could be part of a fairytale.


Inside you will find beds that might not look like much but have been the place of some of the most comfortable nights sleep of my entire life. If space is a little short, counsellors may have to use bunk beds. Despite their age, all the cabins have electricity outlets near each bed and large bathrooms with heated showers.

Cedar One (10)

Of course, there are many different styles of cabin at different camps; some camps may use platform tents or day camps may use university halls as accommodation for counsellors. At most sleep away camps, the counsellor team sleep in the same room as the campers however some camp cabins may have separate adjacent rooms for counsellors. IMG_6164

One really important thing to bear in mind is that most summer camp cabins are only used in the summer and this means that when you first arrive, the cabins may be a little grubby and dusty. Don’t be put off as this won’t last long, one of the first tasks for you and your counsellor team will be to get the cabins clean and ready for the arrival of the campers.

On a final note, some camps may have additional buildings or even allocated space for tents that counsellors can sleep in when they are off duty (and not required to be in the cabin) to allow them to get a good night sleep away from the children.



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