How Many Hats Should I Take?

My last post covered a wide variety of general things that I recommend taking to camp. This post is going to be a more specific run down on clothing that I shall be taking with me this summer. I’ve been told I pack quite light before and as a guy, I can’t provide as much detailed advice for girls on this topic but regardless if you are a girl, don’t stop reading; hopefully, you’ll find this post at least a little helpful in guiding your packing.

Before I talk about clothing, one of first travelling decisions you have to make is whether you want to use a suitcase or a rucksack. I think rucksacks can be really great if you’re travelling to a lot of places and moving onto the next place fairly quickly. I personally use a suitcase as I prefer the larger size and ease of being able to open it right up. Suitcases are also great for under bed storage, just remember to bring a lock so you can keep nosy children from taking a peek at your stuff.

Northwood 2016 (2669)

My general intention when deciding how much to pack is to bring enough stuff to last two weeks. This means I take around 14 t-shirts, 14 pairs of underwear and 14 pairs of socks. This means I can get away with not having to wear the same things every week and allows me to change multiple times in a day if it’s hot or wet. I normally take two or three vests for wearing on the super sunny days and I pack one or two shirts with one being reserved for smart/ casual events such as nights out or the camp prom.

I very rarely wear jeans at camp, it’s normally too hot, but I take a pair again for prom and for nights out. I spend most of my summers in shorts and I take around five pairs; a mixture of cotton shorts, chino shorts and sports shorts. Swimwear wise I take three pairs of swim shorts which allow for at least one pair to always be dry.

I always take at least two sweaters or hoodies and a pair of nice warm trackies to wear on some of the colder mornings and evenings.


It’s a really good idea to bring some form of pajamas as it would be very inappropriate to walk around the cabin in underwear like I walk around my bedroom before I get into bed. I have a pair of camp branded full-length pajama bottoms which I wear on most nights or I wear a pair of sports shorts depending on the temperature.

My camp provides bedding and towels for international counsellors, however, I still bring a bath towel and beach towel with me as it’s great to always have a dry towel and to use whilst travelling once camp has ended.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, it can occasionally rain fairly heavily and you will probably have to run somewhere during at least one rainstorm so a coat is essential. It can still be very warm when it rains; a lightweight sports jacket with a hood or a rain poncho are the best options as they won’t make you too hot and are highly portable which saves you valuable packing space.

Shoes wise, I typically take two pairs of comfortable sports trainers (I always try to keep one pair clean/ dry), two pairs of converse/ vans or similar shoes and my trusty Havaianas flip flops. When it comes to footwear in general, I really can’t stress enough how important it is that they’re comfortable to wear, particularly your beach footwear, as you are going to spending lots of time wearing them.

Finally, accessories; I take a belt, a pair of sunglasses (more than one cheap pair normally), and it’s worthwhile to arrive with baseball hat or snapback to protect your head from the sun (these are a great thing to buy with local sports teams or landmarks on so don’t worry about bringing many, you’re likely to buy at least one at some point). I then take whatever small pieces of fancy dress I have (and have space for) like masks, bandanas or even onesies – which are great for dress up and sleeping in on some of the colder nights!


Hopefully, you’ve found this post a little helpful in helping you decide what to pack and if you have any questions be sure to comment or contact me via the contact page. Thanks for reading!


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